Saturday, November 22, 2008

Arbor Day

Wiliwili, Erythrina sandwicensis
Arbor Day is a day to recognize and plant trees. Trees are the most massive, longest lived, and tallest organisms ever to inhabit earth. Trees support more communities of living things than any other organism on earth. Trees are our greatest natural resource. November is the month that we celebrate Arbor Day in Hawaii, usually the second saturday of the month.

The Maui Nui Botanical Gardens hosts the celebration on Maui and in honor of the event, give away many hundreds of trees. And these are not just trees, they are all indigenous, some endemic and endangered Hawaiian species that are rare and hard to find. 

A Celebration Of Tree Planters Around The World:
Arbor Day is also celebrated in other countries including Australia. Variations are celebrated as 'Greening Week' of Japan, 'The New Year's Days of Trees' in Israel, 'The Tree-loving Week' of Korea, 'The Reforestation Week' of Yugoslavia, 'The Students' Afforestation Day' of Iceland and 'The National Festival of Tree Planting' in India.
It seems that now, this time in our history, the world has a growing common concern; our environment. One of my favorite tree notations reguarding Wangari Maathai, known as the "Tree Woman" of Kenya, founder of the Green Belt Movement, winner of the Nobel Peace Prize for 2004, responsible for the planting of over 30 million trees,
“Peace on earth depends on our ability to secure our living environment.”

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