Sunday, November 29, 2009

Images From a Pinhole Camera

These images were taken with a pinhole camera made out of a paintcan. The lens for this paintcan camera is actually a small hole drilled into the side of the can- about the size of a pinhole. I used photographic paper instead of film for this particular camera, placed it inside the paintcan, then shut the lid tight. I used a flexible magnet to cover the pinhole until I found the image I wanted to catch. Then I set the can on a sturdy surface, made sure the hole was pointing at what I wanted to photograph, and I removed the magnet for an exposure time of around 8 minutes. Put the magnet back over the pinhole and made a B-line for the darkroom to develop the image.

Here is another interesting landscape image taken with a paintcan pinhole camera. The exposure time was approx.15 minutes. Notice the infinite depth of field typical of this type of lensless photography.

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